About Us

Red Baron, Mach Baron and Bavel the second, those names might mean nothing to the youth but for those who born in 70’s and 80’s, they are the heroes in their daily life. If you’ve see our many products of Red Baron and if you know that story, you may think our name Masked Empire means the Iron Masked Gangsters in the show but our masked actually means a generation full of masked heroes like the Masked Rider, Silver Masked etc. The boys lived in that heroes world are now adults living in this reality world now, and the Mask is not only a single hero but also representing our passed away youth memories.

Our aim is to use the nowadays technics to rebuild the toys for adults who trying to retract their childhood memories. Some toys we owned, some toys we had played with, and some toys we want but never been owned. For those became premium items that is hard to find or too expensive to buy, we try our best to remake or re-modify for you. And of cause new generations are also welcome to join out simple and pure world of kidult!

Attack! One Seven! Come On! Maziner! Change! Rider!

Let’s go into our youth dream!